BRCA1 is a gene mutation that has been linked to breast cancer.  I know because January, of 2017, my sister at 27 years young was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  This affected my entire family and we each expressed our emotions in our own way. I clung to art for my expression which eventually led to this 3-dimensional piece.

After researching about the spread of cancer throughout the breast, I used embroidery to represent the cancerous cells and lymph nodes. On the other side, I represented the reconstruction process with a different type of bra being placed on top of the original. The human hair lightly covering the cup represents the experience of hair loss that women go through in the beginning of their cancer journey.  It is often traumatic and should not be overlooked.​

 I am extremely proud to say that in June, 2017, my sister was deemed cancer free.  What an honor it is to call such a Survivor my Sister.