2017 Challenge Finalists

In the Spring of 2017, I was given an opportunity to be a member of a team in a Collaborative Learning Center competition sponsored by the partnership between theSavannah College of Arts & Design and the Prysmian Group.

Our challenge was to collaborate with other students to create art from by-products supplied by the Prysmian Group.  With 80-100 students participating in the competition, our piece was one of three selected for purchase by the Prysmian Group. 

Inspired by medieval scale armor and Roman togas, our team (Clea Cullen, Priscilla Maura and I) created a fashion accessory.  We shaped blue and gold sheets of Prysmian metal ribbon by hand, and used gold chain as the understructure.  Our accessory is visually and physically dynamic as with movement, each sheet of metal interacts with the chains.  Below are images of our process.